Sleep Monitor

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How did you sleep at night?
How many hours did you sleep?
How much time you spend in each stage of sleep?
Did you have a dream? Did you snore?
Did you talk in your dream?
Well, join millions of the global users and install Sleep Monitor now
to find interesting facts you didn't know about sleep.

Sleep Monitor's Core Features

Explore deep insights into the qualities of your sleep.

Sleep Score

A high sleep score reflects you get a good sleep with long time sleep duration and more deep sleep, vice versa.

Sleep Graphic

Awake, light sleep, deep sleep, REM (dreaming), how much time you spend in each stage of sleep? Check your sleep stages in a simplified graph.

Sleep Statistics

A comprehensive list of statistics relating to sleep duration, sleep time, and wake up time, ambient noise DB and sleep phase duration.

Sleep Noise

Include a microphone to capture noise from the room or your body. Record snore, sleep talking and more and save obviously sleep noises. Listen to the noise after you wake up for fun!

Other Metrics

Much of what you do during the day can actually impact your sleep, such as your diet and exercise. Analyze how your daily life may be affecting your sleep.

Smartphone Sleep Tracker

Measure body movements and environmental noise to recognize your sleep stages.

Sleep Monitor uses both phone's microphone and accelerator sensor to analyze any movements and environmental noise during your sleep, to assess whether your sleep is restful or restless.


Fall Asleep Faster
With Soothing Sleep Music

Music Help You Calm Down and Sleep Better.

Sleep music for meditation, sleeping, studying, yoga and relaxation. Relax and soothing music help you release stress, get more deep sleep and feel refreshed the next day.

What people say about us


" Fajna apka dowiedziałam się, że rozmawiam w nocy." - jagoda szczepańska


" Very good app. I use it to track my sleep and it keeps track of all my sleep cycles, light sleep, deep sleep, rem, when I awaken, and any noises I make while sleeping. I'm very satisfied with this app." - Karen Felan


" I use it every night, I find it beneficial to have records of my sleep." - The Best Times


" It really helped me to have better sleep, thank you for an amazing app ❤❤ " - mariam metwaly


" This is amazing I found out I could sleep talk and the quality is amazing." - tum tum


" Too good, records everything, knows exactly if and when i had REM which is unbelivable !!!! 5 stars!! I first used this for 5 days and then made feedback." - Matea Šutalo


" Me gusta la app, es fácil de manejar, controló el sueño,me pregunta que tal he dormido y me da una puntuación justa que me motiva a dormir cada vez mejor." - Nathalia Rosero Galeano